Introductory Flight Lesson

Come take an introductory flight with our Certified Flight Instructor and feel the joy and freedom of seeing the Big Island from a perspective you've never experienced before! Imagine yourself, piloting an airplane over the Hawaiian Islands and seeing sights that people on the ground may never get to see! It’s hard to believe, but until just over a hundred years ago people could only look at birds in envy and dream of flying. Now virtually anyone can do it!


Student + 2 passengers*

Plane Rental and Instructor

$200 per hour

Rent our Cessna Airplane in Hilo

Hands-on Flight Instruction - No experience needed!

With our Introductory Flight Instruction we put you behind the controls with our Certified Flight Instructor for a thrilling flight over the Big Island. We provide a short orientation on the plane and safety measures then it's time for takeoff. Your flight lesson will be tailored to your comfort and experience level.

If you have little or no flying experience we will focus on the basics: takeoff, climbs, cruise, descents, turns, landing. Your instructor will handle the radios for both air traffic control and the Island Traffic Advisory reports unless you are up for it. If you already have experience flying we will instruct you in local weather, local VFR checkpoints and landmarks, and local radio procedures.

The introductory flight lesson is the perfect option to sample the joys of flight in an easy, no-pressure experience as we soar over the scenic coast of the Big Island. You can even bring 2 friends along for the ride.

Bring a friend!

Student can bring up to 2 guests along on instructional flights for FREE! Weight limits apply.

Schedule Your Lesson

Give us a call or email us to discuss your interests and schedule your lesson. If you would like to schedule a lesson to happen today, please call us for immediate availability.

Policies & Disclaimers

Weight Limits and Capacity

* You can even bring one or two other people along for your flight at no extra charge! Student and passenger total weight must be less than 380 lbs (not including the flight instructor). Please be prepared to disclose body weights. There is a 300 pound individual limit.


We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, cash and traveler's check. Payment in full is due upon conclusion of your lesson, we can process credit cards on-site.


As a courtesy to our other customers and the instructor please notify us immediately should you need to cancel your reserved flight time. Should flight conditions be deemed too hazardous by your flight instructor we will re-schedule your flight.