Airplane Rental

Imagine flying over an active volcano and seeing lava flowing into the ocean, or flying past the beautiful valleys and hundreds of waterfalls along the Hamakua Coast, sights most people may never see! Your friends will be amazed at the stories you'll tell them!

We offer a nicely restored and updated Cessna 172C complete with headsets, life vests and a four-man life raft for overwater flights. You can fly with our Certified Flight Instructor who is familiar with Hawaiian airspace and Island Traffic Advisory reporting points (and their pronunciations!)

Due to quickly changing weather, winds, mountains and other factors, certificated pilots with under 500 hours and/or no current Instrument Rating will require our instructor to accompany them on flights.

Pilots with over 500 hours and a current Instrument Rating may take a short checkout flight and then rent the airplane for flights with their friends and family. The airplane has a full fuel useful load of 570 pounds.

All you need are your certificates and logbook!