Hawaii Flight Instruction

Learn to fly in Hilo, Hawaii with Aloha Skies Aviation! Experience the beauty of Hawaii Island from the skies. Fly from the closest airport in the islands to the volcano and lava flows! Our flight school provides Hawaii flight instruction for the Recreational Pilot or Private Pilot Certificates as well as rental of our Cessna 172 airplane to qualified pilots. We operate out of Hilo International Airport on the beautiful and lush windward side of the island.

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Looking for a unique gift? Give the gift of flight!

Give the gift of flight instruction with a gift certificate from Aloha Skies Aviation! Contact us to discuss your interest and purchasing. Hawaii flight instruction students may bring up to 2 passengers for no extra charge (weight limits apply).

Hawaii Flight Instruction

Introductory flight lessons, aerial photography/survey flights, Recreational Pilot or Private Pilot Certificate courses and Flight Reviews from our Hilo, HI flight school.

Aircraft Rental - Hilo, HI

Hourly and daily aircraft rentals of our Cessna 172 from  Hilo International Airport.

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Learn to Fly Over Hawaii Island

We are a Hilo, Hawaii Flight School

Hawaii's Big Island offers fabulous flying weather year around, convenient airports and some of the best views around!  Hilo Airport is the closest to the most amazing sights on the Big Island. With about one hour of flight time you can fly over the rain forests and rocky volcanic coast of Puna to see the active Pu‘u O‘o volcanic vent and active lava flows. Or with a little bit more than an hour of flying, you can enjoy the amazing views of the Hamakua Coast and its seven valleys, 1,200 foot tall cliffs and 1,000 foot waterfalls. You can even log cross-country time with a landing at Upolu Point Airport just a few miles past the valleys!  If both the valleys and volcano appeal, you could fly for a little over two hours and see both, or go for a little longer yet and make a full circuit of the island (usually takes just over three hours).

Visiting the Big Island? Try Flying!

Why take a tour as a passenger who is just along for the ride, going where the tour company decides to take you? You can pilot the plane, going where you want to go and seeing what you want to see! Try our Discovery Flight Introductory Flight Lesson where we put you behind the controls with our Certified Flight Instructor. No experience is necessary, this lesson is tailored to your comfort level and focuses on introducing you to the basics and joys of flying. You can fly almost anywhere you want to! Your instructor can take the controls at any time if you wish to take a few photos, and will perform the takeoff and landing as needed.